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Elsa’s coffee was founded by underdogs, for underdogs. Our passion is supplying people across the country with a cup full of ambition and determination to get shit done. Our mission is and always will be to help you conquer each day with grace.

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Elsa's Story

Elsa, like many dogs and humans, comes from a life of struggle and adversity. Weighing in at 6 lbs 5 ounces, she was a little dog with big problems. She spent an unknown amount of time on the streets of Dallas with her previous owner and learned to retreat under her owners' shirt/jacket to stay warm (which she still does with us to this day). Out of an abundance of love, Elsa's previous owner did the most difficult thing anyone can do and offered her up to the local pet orphanage near White Rock so she could be properly taken care of until he could get back on his feet. She stayed in a cage there for multiple weeks and her previous owner was not heard from again.

After deciding to "Just go look" we finally decided to go check out the local pet orphanage in October 2019 after many months of contemplating getting a pup. We entered the room of adoptable dogs very nervously and after about 2 seconds inside the room, at eye level, was a little Chihuahua barking louder than all the rest. Her eyes were teared up and you could tell she felt lost. We never looked at another dog and within 15 minutes of meeting her we had asked for the clipboard to start the adoption process.

Elsa was determined to be 4 years old when we adopted her but we do not celebrate her Birthday, because we don't know it. We celebrate her adoption day as her birthday and that is just fine by her. She has three big meals a day, has a big backyard, tons of toys and is the happiest little girl EVER! I hope this story helps you if you are on the fence of adopting a pup. DO IT. They truly do change your life and touch your heart.

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